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Q & A

Generally, there are 5 types of filter bag:

Size 1: diameter 7”, length 17”

Size 2: diameter 7”, length 32”

Size 3: diameter 4”, length 8”

Size 4: diameter 4”, length 14”

Size 5: diameter 4”, length 20”

According to flow rate, viscosity, temperature, and impurities to select the proper specifications and materials.

We are able to make customized products for other specifications.

G collar, F collar, Stainless Steel ring and Carbon Steel ring are the most common types.

  1. G collar: It is applicable to " Top Flow Single Bag Filter Vessel”. This design is embedded, and fixed to the cover. It is convenient and good leak-proof.
  2. F collar: it is applicable to “Top Flow Single Bag Filter Vessel”, “Side Flow Bag Filter Vessel” and “Multi-Bag Filter Vessel”. It is designed as hook type, so we would recommend our customers to use it with bag extruders. It is the most common way, and less limited by vessel type.
  3. Carbon Steel Ring and Stainless Steel Ring: It is applicable to “Top Flow Single Bag Filter Vessel”, “Side Flow Bag Filter Vessel” and “Multi-Bag Filter Vessel”. It can endure high temperature, pressure, and tension. When the filter bag becomes heavier or more high viscosity, it will have better replacement and easy to be pulled off. 

The general use of Stainless Steel ring and Carbon Steel ring is due to high temperature problems. To replace Steel ring, we’ve developed Nylon material and Santoprene material collars. They have good temperature, chemical resistance and good adhesion.

If you need other types of collars, please contact us.

Non-woven filter bag joints can be divided into two types, welded and sewn.

The welded parts adopt ultrasonic shock method to produce high-temperature bonding. Thus, the same attributes can be woven together. It will not be hardening phenomenon from high temperature.

If the filter bag is made with high temperature joints, it will not only be hardening, brittle, easily broken but also bypass.

This problem is never happened on condition that it is in continuous operation and constant pressure situation. If you have any doubts, you can select the welded filter bag.

1. The bottom of the filter bag dangles and does not touch the bottom of the stainless steel basket to cause pressure extrusion and broken.

2. Filter bag joints are not connected completely. If there is a broken bag, please ship it back to us, we could make analysis after we get return filter bag from customer.

Generally, it is caused by external forces.

If there are sharp object, the filter bag bears the tension pressure, and it is easy to make the filter bag torn.

We divide it into two categories: hardness and softness.

Hardness: Such as solid material, there are still some impurities after filtration. So, we recommend you to use ABP Absolute Filter Bag.

Softness: Impurities are belonged to polymer or oil. So, we recommend you to use High Performance Absolute Filter bag, e.g. MBP Oil Holding Filter Bag, AGF High Performance Absolute Filter bag, and PGF High Performance Filter bag.

It depends on the products and operating conditions. Such as particles, flow rate, pressure, flow speed, pressure drop, products made with dispatch production and poor initial design.

It is recommended that you can refer to the pressure drop for replacement time.

Under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, the typical filter bag recommended replaceable pressure drop is 2.5 kg/cm2 and for the filter cartridge is 1.5 kg/cm2.

If there are any filtration problems, please contact us, we would be pleasure to solve the problems for you.