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HPC / High Pressure Cartridge Filter Housing


Design P. 15kg/cm²
Operating P. 10kg/cm²
Design T. 100˚C
Operating T. 75˚C

Material:SUS304 SUS316 SUS316L

Surface finished:Electrolyze and Other unique surface finished.


● High pressure cartridge filter housing could satisfy customers needs
● Four sets strengthen eye bolt disperses housing inside pressure and makes sure the safety of high pressure operation.
● Lifting-cover type can fasten on the  housing, saving the space, convenience and safety
● Modularized  top rounded cover and brim one piece design with high intensity and high strength feature would not deformed by high pressure operation.
● Modularized cartridge plate design, making cartridge-arrangement accuracy. It would not crooked when giving pressure from upper side
● Pressure plate nut design can fasten without using any tools
● Patented spring design has easy using function, offering more convenience when replace cartridge
● Cup design could be used for DOE and SOE(222)


● Water 
● Groundwater
● Food Industry
● Beverage Industry
● Environmental Industries
● Electronic Industry
● Machinery oil
● Electroplating Industry
● Petrochemical Industry
● Pool
● Unique liquid filtration
● Industrial wastewater treatment


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