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LCR 100 Series Oil-Holding Filter Bag


● Filter Media: Melt-blown polypropylene microfiber filter media provides high particle removal efficiency with broad chemical compatibility
● FDA compliant according to CFR Title 21
● Sealing Ring: Stainless steel and Polypropylene ring available

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 The 100 Series oil-holding filter bag is constructed of polypropylene melt blown microfibers enabling fine particle capture at high efficiency. The MT FILTER CO LTD oil-holding filter bag is over 90% efficient at the suggested application rating.


The 100 Series oil-holding filter bag delivers excellent performance with very low initial pressure drops. The bag construction makes this filter an easy to use, convenient, high performance alternative to filter cartridges.


The 100 Series oil-holding filter bag can also absorb unwanted trace oils that frequently occur in processed fluids. The high amount of surface area due to the polypropylene microfiber construction, results in oil holding capacities from 10-20 times the filter's own weight.

Applications  (Pre-filtration or Final filtration)

Acids and bases / Amine / Carbon Beds / Makeup Water / Deep Wells /
Desalination / DI Resins / Glycol / Organic Solvents / Groundwater Cleanup/
Machine Coolants / Completion Fluids / Photo Chemicals / Plating Solutions/
RO Membranes / Storm Water / Waste Water / Flood Water

Initial Pressure Drop                                    

Initial Pressure Drop       

Particle Removal Efficiency

Particle Removal Efficiency

Operating Conditions                            

Operating Conditions    

● Max. operating temperature: 82°C/ 180°F
● Recommended water flow rate : 25 gpm (5.7 m3/hr)
● Suggested Max. water flow rate: 50 gpm (11 m3/hr)
● Suggested Max. differential pressure: 35 psid (2.4 bar)




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