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Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge Series


Boned porous activated carbon block (85-90% coconut shell, 10-15% others)

Life time
Liter(85%Chlorine removal efficiency)

Micron Rating
1、3、5、10 Micron

9 7/8, 10” , 20” , 30” and customized size

Material (Endng cap/ Gasket)

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● Cartridge design ensures that water passes through the entire length of the carbon bed maximizing contact time.
● Nominal 20 - micron post filter reduces carbon fines and suspended particles.
● Characterized with reusable ability, available for broad application.
● Ideal for high volume applications with flow rates less than 2 gpm*


● Water for Home Use(From: City Water)
● Water for Home Use(From: Nature Water)
● Industry Water Treatment
● Plating Solution
● Waste Water Treatment
● Food & Beverage Industry
● Pharmaceutical Industry

Activated carbon is a natural material derived from bituminous coal, lignite, wood, coconut shell etc., activated by steam and other means, and each one has different adsorption properties (e.g. bituminous carbon for high chlorine reduction capacity). Activated carbon surface properties are both hydrophobic and oleophilic. When flow conditions are suitable, dissolved chemicals in water flowing over the carbon surface “stick” to the carbon in a thin film while the water passes on.

Operating Conditions

● Maximum operating forward pressure : 7 bar (101 psid) 
● Recommended flow rate :81/min (2.11pgm) per 10” cartridge
● Max. operating temperature : 52°C/126°F




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