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Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge


Filtration Material
SUS304, SUS316,SUS316L

Micron Rate
0.5~1000 Micron

Cartridge Type
Flat Type, Pleated Type (Single Layer, Double Layers, Triple Layers, Five Layers, Multiple Layers)

Ending Cap
DOE, Inner O-ring, Outer O-ring, 222, 226 and Various NPT Connector

Plain, Square, Twill, Twill Dutch, Metal Fiber, Triple/Quintuple Layers Sintered

5, 10, 20, 30, 40 inch and Customized Length

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● Inside out, outside in design available
● Cleansed by Ultrasonic and Acid before shipment
● Reusable and available for broad applications
● Manufactured by the world-class assembly lines which ensure both the quality and perfection of products
● Suitable for processing of high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity and high pollution
● Metallic manufacturing machines are reliable and can produce various kinds of weaving and opening
● Filtration efficiency and quality could be ensured by bubble-point tests
● Electrolyte processing refines the surfaces and make them more easier for cleaning




● Petrochemical processes
● Beverage industry
● Optoelectronics
● Ultrasound Cleaning and Steam Filtration

Operation Conditions

● Max. Operating Pressure Drop : 150 kg/ cm² (5’ 150 bar)
● Max. Operating Temperature : 450℃ (Tailored)

Metal Fiber Filter Specifications

Metal Fiber Filter Specifications

 Notes :

1. The data sheet refers to the series of BEKAERT AL3 Filter Cloth.
2. The Bubble Pressure Test is complying with ISO 4003.
3. The Average Air Permeability Test is complying with ISO 4022. (The standard of air pressure is 200pa.)
4. The Efficiency Amount of Pollution Test is complying with ISO 4572.
(The Ultimate Pressure Drop of filter cloths as 8 times as Initial Pressure Drop.)

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