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Extended-Life Needle Felt Bag


PP (Polypropylene) 、Polyester

Micron Rating
1 , 5 , 10 , 25 , 50 , 100 Micron

P1 (7"*17")、P2 (7"*32")

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The polypropylene or polyester needle felt construction of the extended-life filter bags, along with the increased thickness of the filter material, significantly increases the dirt-holding capacity and extends the lifetime by two to five times longer than standard needle felt filter bags. These features significantly reduce operating cost.

● The reinforced filter material thickness facilitates gel removel
● Lower operating costs due to longer lifetime
● Fits into all Eaton standard size 01 and size 02 restrainer baskets
● Special surface treatment virtually eliminates fiber migration
● Silcone Free
● The pressure-activated Santoprene seal ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any bag filter housing

Operation Conditions

● Max.flow rates (m3/h) : P1-20 ; P2-40
● Filter area (㎡) : P1-0.25㎡ ; P2-0.5㎡
● Recommended change=out pressure for disposal : 2.5kg/cm²
● Max.differential pressure : ≦4kg/ cm²
● Max. operating temperature : PP≦90℃ ; Polyester≦150℃

Life comparison chart

Life comparison chart

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