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AGF High Performance Absolute Filter Bag


Incorporated with latest technology, AGF filter bag is made by pure melt-blown polypropylene fiber to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the filter industry, leading the bag filter to a new realm.
AGF filter bag FDA compliant of CFR 21.

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● High filtration efficiency and density offer long life term and high volume
● Dual outer skin prevent fiber loosing problem through basket
● All material is FDA compliant of CFR 21 available for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry
● AGF filter bag feature with all in one welded construction which employs stronger and more flexible sealing
● 100% polypropylene material without adhesive, resin and glue
● Patent collar design guarantees bypass free performance
● Material: Melt-Blown Polypropylene; Melt-Blown Polyester

Retention Efficiency                                      Operation Conditions

Retention Efficiency/Operation Conditions