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DFG High Efficiency Filter Bag


PP (Polypropylene) 、PE(Polyester)
Micron rating
1 , 5 , 10 , 25 , 50 , 100, 200 Micron

Size of filter bag
size 1 7"*14.3" (17.8*36.3cm) 、size 2 7"*27.8" (17.8*70.6cm)

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DFG Series is composed of two cylinders welded
into a filter bag, which has a graded porosity
media structure and increased filter surface area.
By collocating with support basket makes the
filtration process smooth and high efficient.



◇Multilayer media with stepwise design
◇DFG Series consists of two layers, the inner
  layer is responsible for removing larger
  contaminants while the outer layer is able to
  remove the finer particles.
◇Greater particle holding capacity and longer
  service life than single layer media.



 ◇ Reduces 67% hold-up volume and decreases

   production loss and disposal cost.
◇ Easily retrofits standard bag filter housings
   by replacing the support basket.
◇ Used element retains less fluid, making it lighter
   weight for easier removal.
◇ Increased filtration area for additional 30%.



◇ High flow rate, low pressure drop, high loading
   capacity and long service life
◇ Additional 66% filtration area by unique flowing route
◇ Great seal tightness to prevent bypass
◇ Welded joint, eliminate fiber loose
◇ FDA compliant to CFR 21
◇ Silicone free


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