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HDFG High Efficiency Filter Bag


PP (Polypropylene) 、PE(Polyester)

Micron rating
1 , 5 , 10 , 25 , 50 , 100, 200 Micron

Size of filter bag
size 1 7"*14.3" (17.8*36.3cm) 、size 2 7"*27.8" (17.8*70.6cm)

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HDFG Series is a new model of high-efficiency filter bag by collocating with support basket. It combines both bag and cartridge filters into one single filtration element and with a special structure to achieve separation and purification. It has a true graded pore medium structure and extended service life. The diameter of the cylinder is the same size as a standard filter bag, and it's easy to retrofit into existing systems. As long as the filter basket is replaced, there is no need to change the filter housing.


Advantages and Features

◇ High flow rate, low pressure drop, high loading capacity
   and long service life.
◇ Additional 65% filtration area by unique flowing route.
◇ Great seal tightness to prevent bypass.
◇ Welded joint, eliminate fiber loose.
◇ FDA compliant to CFR 21.
◇ Silicone free.



◇ HDFG Series is designed by two concentric circles,
   cloth is comprised of extended life span and high
   quality filter media.
◇ Greater particle holding capacity and longer service
    life than single layer media.



◇ Easily retrofits standard bag filter housings
   by replacing the support basket.
◇ Used element retains less fluid, making it
   lighter weight for easier removal.
◇ Longer life span, extended changing cycles,
   reduced operating costs.


Flow Rate