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Separators & Coalescers


●Gas Separator
●Gas Coalescer
●Liquid Coalescer - Vertical
●Liquid Coalescer - Horizontal

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Gas Separator

Removal Efficiency : 1 micron (for Liquid & Particle) Orientation : Vertical / Horizontal Flow Direction : Out to In * 2 Stage (Coalescing Element + Demister or Vane) 


Gas Coalescer

Removal Efficiency : 0.3 micron (for Liquid & Particle) Orientation : Vertical Only Flow Direction : In to Out (Reverse Flow)

Liquid Coalescer - Vertical
: For inlet water concentration of 2% or below
: For higher viscosity fluids

Filtration Rating : 1~70 micron
Outlet Water Content : 10 ppm

Liquid-Liquid Separation :
Water droplets will not bypass the Teflon Coated

Screen Separator and will be accumulated at the bottom of the vessel.


Liquid Coalescer - Horizontal
Application :
For inlet water concentration of over 2% / For lower viscosity fluids

Filtration Rating : - micron
Outlet Water Content : 20~50 ppm

Liquid-Liquid Separation : A certain Length of Settling Distance to separate the water
(in other words, for Gravity to pull down the water droplets) from the main process is required

** for highly Viscous fluids, horizontal vessel would be much too long to be practical. **

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