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HPFH / Horizontal Precision Filter Housing


Horizontal precision filter housing is the latest development of liquid filter housing, the machine uses 316L and 304 prime stainless steel material, mirror finished interior and exterior surface, GMP certified, sophisticated production, safe and stable performance, durable and corrosion resistance, innovative structure, easy operation and maintenance, flexible and energy-saving, highly adaptable multi-purpose filtration apparatus.


The apparatus is composed of multi-layer overlapping filter plate and flange, the plate hole is dense and small, it can even its pressure and make the filter micron rating accurate.
Features of horizontal precision filter housing: high flow rate, fast, plenty of active carbon, wide filter area, high filtration efficiency, easy operation, etc. HPFH-500 ~ HPFH-800 filter contain 3-6 removable fixtures (quick-mounted), HPFH-300, HPFH-400 use central screw compression (The quick-open nut is used with the arched lid).
Filter material can choose Polypropylene membrane, enhanced filter membrane, filter paper, filter cloth, special filter membrane, etc., according to the user selection of appropriate filter material.


This product is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, beer, mineral water, petroleum, environment-friendly industry, bio-engineering, food processing, painting, etc. It is the most ideal solid-liquid separation apparatus for filtering, clarifying and purifying tiny particles in various liquids.


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